• Mutiny BBS

    From Divarin@VERT/MUTINY to All on Saturday, December 26, 2020 09:27:02
    Hey all, time once again for a shameless plug for my board:


    telnet: mutinybbs.com:2332
    ssh : mutinybbs.com:2232
    web : http://mutinybbs.com (includes JavaScript telnet client)

    37 local door games plus BBS link games
    currently active Global War games going on among others.
    Also a couple Mutiny originals: Capers and Trivia (which uses open trivia API)

    I've been refactoring the menus making them more simplified and styled more similar to the main menu from Quantum Link (since QLink/PlayNet was the inspiration behind Mutiny in Season 2 of Halt and Catch Fire and that fictional online service is the inspiration for my board :) )

    Also been adding e-zines and other text files. Adding shareware CD-Roms to the files section, and generally making the board a useful asset for getting online with vintage computers.

    Synchronet MutinyBBS.com port 2332