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    From Squiddie@VERT/GOMERS to Marisag on Saturday, February 06, 2021 09:06:15
    Hi! I'll edit almost anything SFW, but I'm intrested in Retro Computing (If i wasn't I'd be doing this on twitter :] ) like those ideas you put in your message. If you end up making videos on it, feel free to send me fooage to edit!

    I hope I can help you with making videos! ____________________kaopdkpakdpokefpkakskdjdudjjso there was this thing that happened and it was cool

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  • From Marisag@VERT/AMIGAC to Squiddie on Saturday, February 06, 2021 20:06:38
    Re: About editing offers
    By: Squiddie to Marisag on Sat Feb 06 2021 09:06:15

    You can contact me at fstltna@yahoo.com and we can work on it...

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