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    From Ogg@VERT/EOTLBBS to All on Wednesday, October 07, 2020 08:57:00
    Hello Cyclops!

    ** On Tuesday 06.10.20 - 22:52, cyclops wrote to Arelor:

    Because my main forte is web design, I often use it to express myself. I created a website that explains my plan to help curb the spread of the

    Please check it out at: https://www.covidplan.info and feel free to email
    me with your observations, both positive and negative.

    The design is pretty good. I like the way the bottom of the
    page repeats the page/menu names and pre-highlights the next

    The page even loads on my modest Blackberry quite well.

    Suggestion: make the left menu choices more mobile-aware and
    have one of those hamburger menu thingies to click on.
    Without that, every page-load on a mobile device fills the
    first screen with all the menu items and the actual text is
    waaay below that. The user has to scroll down to see if the
    page is different.

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