• a bit sore against formal education

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    Hello Arelor!

    ** On Tuesday 06.10.20 - 05:47, arelor wrote to Jon Justvig:

    ..but I also know that there are cases in which the school
    environment is clearly detrimental.

    Seriously, some kids would be much better staying in the
    farm and learning how to grow potatoes than going to

    There are uneducated potato rednecks who are more
    successful than me..

    Excuse me, but I am a bit sore against formal education
    systems for many reasons and everytime I hear people should
    be enforced to go through it I feel like strangling him.

    No need to "Excuse.."

    You make valid points. I practically walked away from my Eng
    career all because of some political inside-stuff going on.

    So.. all that education and expense = *poof* gone because I
    refused to play their games. I had several other
    opportunities elsewhere, but by then I was fed up and worn

    Growing potatoes may have been more satisfying - and

    However, the education system *does* provide some structure, a
    plan, builds social skills that helps most people.

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