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    What if I hire a straight guy with a good work history instead of a g guy with a lousy work history?
    If you can document that sexual orientation wasn't the only reason that you chose one over the other, you're fine.

    I'm glad to hear that, but how would anyone prove otherwise?

    Suppose I turn Anderson Cooper down for a job as a news anchor, and he sues me. I turned him down because of his arrogance, not for his sexual orientation. But now I need to prove that in court? What will happen if Anderson's attorney has evidence of me posting anti-gay stuff on a BBS
    30 years ago? But I'm fine as long as I have his application and I
    wrote a comment on it that says "Denied due to arrogance and not due to homosexuality?"

    If that's the case, then this new law doesn't help anybody other than
    Joe Biden. It puts a hero badge on his jean jacket, but that badge is
    like a plastic one from a toy store.

    Read it. Just read the bill. Any why are you asking people here, anyway? Ask your business lawyer. That's his job.

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