• Harris and Biden lies

    From Dumas Walker@VERT/CAPCITY2 to MRO on Sunday, November 28, 2021 10:17:00
    "Senator Harris is correct in describing her experience as the second class to
    e part of the busing integration program. All Berkeley elementary schools were
    ntegrated through an innovative two-way busing plan, which was implemented vol
    tarily by our district beginning in 1968. Kamala Harris joined first grade in 70, which means she joined a cohort that had entered kindergarten in the secon
    year of the busing program, in 1969." ( here ) "

    Wait a minute.... so Harris was in first grade in 1970, which would make
    her close to 60 years old? I didn't think she was nearly that old.

    Look at all the bullshit stories Biden tells.

    whaaat? you mean he didn't drive an 18 wheeler???

    I was actually thinking about the time he was running for President (the
    first time he ran) and plagerized, nearly word for word, part of the life
    story of a British politician, claiming the experiences as his own. He, at about the same time, also lied about his college education. Back then, the mainstream media called him out on both of those lies.

    IIRC, the college education lie was recited by Biden again during his 2020 campain, but was only questioned by "conservative" news outlets, and not
    very closely at that.

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