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    Hey they essentially placed everybody under domiciliary
    arrest, and nobody was allowed on the streets if it was not
    for walking a pet, doing essential groceries or working at
    some strategical sector.

    If we'd done that earlier, like a hard lockdown in April of 2020, I
    bet the US would be in a better position.

    Earlier than that, the administration discussed travel bans, which are the first steps to a lockdown. Many politicians went nuts, claiming the travel ban (starting with people coming from China) would be "racist." By the time April got around, a lockdown, or any travel restrictions, were too late.

    Now, as of today, our current administration has put into place a travel ban for people coming from Southern Africa because Upsilon was detected there.
    That is not considered racist, even though it has also been detected in Hong Kong, China; parts of Europe, and even in Canada, yet none of those places are part of the ban.


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