• Trans inmates in prisons

    From MATTHEW MUNSON@VERT/IUTOPIA to All on Sunday, January 16, 2022 12:19:00
    Yes, more trans people are emerging in our society, but this may be the easiest compromise.

    Biden and the Democrats are bringing this issue to the forefront and it has to be talked about.

    To reduce the incidence of rape, No trans woman with original male parts would be allowed in a womens prison.

    No SRS would be allowed for any prisoner who committed murder or rape.
    No hormone therapy for any prisoner who has not initiated SRS prior to being charged with their crime. If they were regularly using hormone therapy prior to their crime it carries over to the jail medical system.

    If there are gender queer people in prison, yes they should be treated with respect. However there should be state and regional wards for those prisoners for their protection as well. Eg: Prisoners from SD/ND might be placed in Minnesota state or federal prisons as an example.

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