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    From poindexter FORTRAN@VERT/REALITY to Arelor on Monday, February 28, 2022 06:45:00
    Arelor wrote to All <=-

    watched such, and were thinking: "That idea is so worn out and used up that it is not worth it makign such a movie anymore. Let's do something groundbreaking instead. Maybe a post-apocalyptic movie in which a group
    of survivors have to fight their way through an horde in order to reach safe haven, but the main character is a pregnant teen. Sure, THAT will
    do it!"

    Reminded me of the free Kindle novel I saw about a climate/ecological apocalypse that brought about a totalitarian regime change, where the remaining US territories were broken up into regions, each serving a
    decadent capital city.

    Every year, they brought kids from each region together to fight to the
    death in a "bread and circuses" arrangement. Except they had to fight
    through zombies.

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    Re: Mother/Android (2021)
    By: Ogg to Arelor on Thu Mar 03 2022 08:57 am

    Hello Arelor!

    ** On Wednesday 02.03.22 - 16:58, Arelor wrote to poindexter FORTRAN:

    Oh, yeah. It seems so original to me. Absolutely not a Hunger Games rip off.

    Sounded like an existing British TV series about androids
    gaining sentience and seeking to harm/escape humans who were
    bent on shutting them down. I think it was "Humans". Same
    idea.. androids seeking revenge.

    yeah that was a decent show but i stopped watching it.

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    Arelor wrote to poindexter FORTRAN <=-

    Actually, the reason why we have so many copycats out there is that, if something sells, publishers will start releasing similar material
    trying to ride the wave as long as they can. This means original
    material will reach the editor's desk and then hit the trash bin
    because he will be too busy publishing copycats which sell.

    I knew of a woman who made 5 figures while being a stay-at-home mom writing screenplays. Skimming through one, it seemed like she was trying to hit
    every trope out there. I wondered if she was getting paid off when one of
    her screenplays smelled a bit too much like something they had in the works.

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