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    Anyone out there using VARA Modem for Packet BBS use? If so, do you feel comfortable replacing your hardware with it? I'm tempted to downsize my considerable PK232 collection but haven't put much time on VARA yet...

    I'd like to know more about it. I'm not familiar with the VARA modem and a quick search turns up ... bits of information scattered all over the place, in keeping with frustrating amateur tradition.

    Will this modem be compatible with remote stations that currently connect to your PK232(s)?

    Have you tried it? Anything making you feel wary of using it more?

    I use VARA Modem for my Winlink station. It's pretty speedy particularly in WIDE mode if you have a radio/gear that can support it. It's not traditional packet and a PK232 or other TNC is won't work with it.

    The only BBS software that I know that uses it and supports it is BPQ32 which is Ham Radio focused. For the uninitiated BPQ32 has a pretty steep learning curve.


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