• Enter Four State QSO Parties at Once Using N1MM Logger+

    From ARRL de WD1CKS@VERT/WLARB to QST on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 19:43:29

    The N1MM Logger+ team has made it easy for operators to participate in four contests with just one log[1]. The 7QP (7th Call Area), Indiana, Delaware, and New England QSO Parties all take place this weekend, and sponsors have agreed to coordinate so that all four can be logged in a single log. The program software allows users to log stations active in all four QSO parties, and it automatically determines the state multiplier from the received exchange. Log the exact exchange received and, after the contests, submit the same Cabrillo file to all four contest sponsors.

    If you are an in-state participant for one of these QSO parties, select the appropriate state party option in the QSO party contest selector (7QP, IN, NEWE, or DE). If you are an out-of-state participant for all four contests, select the IN7QPNE option in the dropdown state selector.

    If you're on the FTx modes, you may hear stations calling "CQ FD." They are participating in the Delaware QSO Party[2]. The current version of the WSJT-X software can't accommodate most QSO party exchanges, so the Delaware QSO Party sponsors are encoding the three Delaware counties in the Field Day exchange[3] for their event. DEQP participants should be in Field Day contest mode and use 1A DE for New Castle County, 2A DE for Kent County, and 3A DE for Sussex County. Stations outside of Delaware use 1A and their ARRL/RAC Section, or DX. For example, 1A WA.

    Suggested frequencies for Delaware QSO Party FTx contacts are 4 kHz above the normal FTx frequencies. FTx-mode contacts must be submitted in a separate file from contacts made using other modes. As always, see the rules for details.

    Also, submit your QSO party logs to StateQSOParty.com[4] for the State QSO Party Challenge. The StateQSOParty.com website contains a tool to show your separate scores for the New England, Delaware, Indiana, and 7th Call Area QSO parties. Those scores are unofficial; contest sponsors will calculate your official score from the logs you submit. - Thanks to The ARRL Contest Update[5]

    [1] https://n1mmwp.hamdocs.com/manual-supported/contests-setup/setup-qsop-contests/
    [2] https://www.fsarc.org/qsoparty
    [3] https://www.fsarc.org/qsoparty/rules.htm
    [4] http://stateqsoparty.com/
    [5] http://www.arrl.org/the-arrl-contest-update

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