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    From bencollver@VERT/CASTLERO to All on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 20:56:00
    Today i discovered PostBot, a free, homebrew game for the GameBoy and emulators. It made for a fun rainy-day activity. The premise of the
    game is that you are programming a robot to maneuver around obstacles
    and deliver mail to mailboxes. The game has eight levels, each level progressively more difficult than the prior level. The robot has six operations: turn left, turn right, move forward, deliver mail, do F1,
    and do F2. The main program has space for 10 operations. F2&F2 each
    have space for 5 operations, and recursion is allowed. Clear a level
    by delivering mail to every mailbox on that level.

    The game can be played in a browser-based GameBoy emulator, and there
    is also an option to download the ROM, which is roughly 64KB in size.
    I played it in the zboy emulator on FreeDOS. For download links, see




    Have fun!

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    Re: PostBot homebrew retro-ga
    By: bencollver to All on Wed Sep 21 2022 08:56 pm

    Today i discovered PostBot, a free, homebrew game for the GameBoy and

    On the postbot page, the guy links to two places where you can play it in a web browser.. One of them has three other homebrew games.. I've been meaning to search for them to find roms of those as well.

    Excellent find.

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