• Re: MED Soundstudio for Windows

    From Ennev@VERT/MTLGEEK to SYS64738 on Wednesday, May 04, 2022 14:50:58
    I've made a lot of music with this handy program. However, I recently had to reinstall Windows which meant that I had to reinstall a lot of things including MED Soundstudio. I got it reinstalled with no problems, but to my dismay the website that was used to verify the registration key is no longer in service.

    Does anyone know where I can get a registered version of MED Soundstudio for Windows? I have so much music tied up into that program that I'd hate to give it up.

    Hum, sucks. As an alternative have you checked MilkyTracker? I used to play with octamed on my Amiga back then and found Milky to have similar interfaces or tacker back then. It's compatible with the most formats but not always with .med though :-/

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