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    God had given his creatures an absolute FREE WILL. God's pleasure, it would seem, is derived from the love of His creatures who remain loyal, faithful, and true, voluntarily, out of respect for HIS infinite perfections.

    The fall of Lucifer proves that all angels and all human beings can
    become evil if they so choose.

    As such, the universe has been dominated by two supernatural powers.
    God rules over those of His creatures that remain loyal to Him, while Lucifer is the Prince of the regions of darkness, and rules the
    multitudes who voluntarily defect from God and join him in rebellion.

    Has this first Heavenly revolution transferred itself to Earth? Is
    there an ongoing battle between GOOD and EVIL, the agents of Lucifer
    and those who are loyal to God? And is this part of God's plan in
    relation to the coming End Times?

    Ever read Hal Lindsey's book "Satan is alive and well on planet Earth?"

    I read it years ago, and it stands true today as well!

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    Haven't heard of Earth being part of Hell's kingdom, but I do believe
    that Satan is the 'prince of the Earth.'

    This kind of makes sense. When Satan tempted Jesus in the desert, Jesus's response is telling. It was the response of someone who acknowledged that he did indeed have power to grant dominion.

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