From DesotoFireflite@VERT/VALHALLA to Digital Man on Wednesday, February 02, 2022 14:57:33
    By: Digital Man to DesotoFireflite on Wed Feb 02 2022 10:23 am

    Hopefully, this is the last issue I have, as everything else is
    working. I've been working on my Interbbs Chat, as My system never
    shows up in the SBBSIMSG.LST. Everything seems to work, except other
    systems can't see my system in the chat module, but I can see theres
    on my system. I have checked wiki, and all seems to be set up
    properly. When I check the setup, I only get 2 issues, which deal with
    interbbs chat. I'm running windows 10 32bit. All the other info is
    below. What am I missing?

    Invoking: check_bbs_list
    'Valhalla Home Services' BBS entry on vert.synchro.net is different
    Invoking: check_imsg_list
    Valhalla Home Services is not listed in c:\SBBS\ctrl\sbbsimsg.lst
    The first one being
    'Valhalla Home Services' BBS entry on vert.synchro.net is different
    than local

    The only difference I see, is Vert lists me (on The BBS) as Living in
    Richmond, Virginia, and my system shows (on my bbs) the area a Henrico
    County, Virginia which is correct, and the discription is off
    slightly. I have noticed the sbbs list from vert is different both on
    the web and on verts bbs, but the one on my webv4 webpage show up
    correctly as also the one
    on my system.

    This likely means your SBL2SMB timed event isn't working right. If you can read the SYNCDATA echo and look for your latest posted BBS entry and compare to your own system data, that might give you a clue.

    I saw a listing in there for 1/27/22, where it had my old data, but nothing sinse, but in my synchronet bbs list on my system, I see a entry near the bottom in Purple stating: Updated by sbbslist.js 1.68 on Feb 01 2022

    The SBL2SMB timed event is enabled, as I checked all those events yesterday. I tried to fix this without asking for help, but was unsuccessful. I wonder what could be going on in the event to cause the problem. According to the log, it ran at midnight

    If you just recently made the changes you mentioned (e.g. location), it can take a week or so to update based on settings.

    I madethe changes from Richmond to Henrico County Monday, so I'll give it more time

    the other issue is
    Valhalla Home Services is not listed in c:\SBBS\ctrl\sbbsimsg.lst

    And that's the reason of this email. It is being updated every
    morning at 4:00am per the event. All the needed ports are open and
    working according to the port checking utility on Synchronets wiki
    page as shown below.

    TCP ServicePortResult
    systat 11 Success
    qotd 17 Success
    msp 18 Success
    ftp 21 Success
    ssh 22 Success
    telnet 23 Success
    smtp 25 Failure
    gopher 70 Success
    finger 79 Success
    http 80 Success
    pop3 110 Failure
    ident 113 Failure
    nntp 119 Success
    imap 143 Success
    https 443 Success
    submissions 465 Success
    rlogin 513 Success
    nntps 563 Success
    submission 587 Success
    ircs 994 Failure
    pop3s 995 Failure
    irc 6667 Success
    binkp 24554 Success
    ws 1123 Success
    wss 11235 Success
    UDP ServicePortResult
    systat 11 Success

    For whatever reason, the nightly sbbslist verifier isn't getting a systate response from your system ("systat" is not listed under "udp"):

    "last_success": {
    "on": "2022-02-02T08:07:22.488Z",
    "result": "Synchronet BBS for Win32 Version 3.19",
    "stopcause": "Poll timeout reached: 10 seconds",
    "service": {
    "protocol": "telnet",
    "address": "valhalla.synchro.net",
    "port": 23
    "ip_address": "",
    "other_services": {
    "tcp": [
    "udp": []

    I just forced the imag_capable flag to true for your listing. That should take care of that.

    I just checked my forwarded ports again on the router, and for some reason, it had changed back to TCP only on port 11 Systat, so I changed it back to TCP/UDP, but why would the Wiki Synchronetport scanner show it as open. No biggie, I'll keep checking it for a few days, and let you know.

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