• Duplicate Checking

    From deon@VERT/ALTERANT to Digital Man on Thursday, February 03, 2022 22:42:20
    Hey DM,

    I'm playing with message packets (trying to debug something), and I know I'm importing a message that would normally be a "duplicate" (same MSGID and potentially same content.)

    However, in the message area for this message, I have specifically set "Duplicate Checking" to "Disabled" (SCFG -> Message Areas -> "Group" -> Sub-boards -> "Area" -> Duplicate Checking)

    When I import a mail packet, it still not passing duplicate checking:

    == LOG ==
    Scanning for Inbound Packets...
    Scanning secure inbound: /opt/sbbs/fido/inbound/
    Importing /opt/sbbs/fido/inbound/086b6b15.pkt (Type 2e, 1.6KB) from 10:3/1 to 10:3/998
    PVT_TEST: pvt_test ERROR 1 (smb_addmsg duplicate X-FTN-MSGID: 10:3/1.0 08657817 found in message #4) line 3575 adding message
    to pvt_test
    PVT_TEST Duplicate message from Clearing Houz (10:3/1) to Deon, subject: Test Reply

    Deleting /opt/sbbs/fido/inbound/086b6b15.pkt (from line 6015)
    Scanning non-secure inbound: /opt/sbbs/fido/nonsecure/
    Duplicate: 1 detected in PVT_TEST
    Writing 0 areas to ../data/badareas.lst
    Deleting /opt/sbbs/ctrl/sbbsecho.bsy (from line 2965)
    SBBSecho (PID 25448) exiting with error level 0, Packets(1 imported, 0 sent)
    == END LOG ==

    Is there somewhere else that duplicate checking is set?


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