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    By: DesotoFireflite to Digital Man on Fri Feb 04 2022 01:12 pm

    Out of curosity, is there a way to make a font show differenty on one menu, but not affect the rest. I notice the word "Vertrauen" on your answer.msg file shows up differently than any other menu or screen.

    Hey, somebody noticed! :-)

    I didn't see
    anything in the font.ini file for just one menu. I feel I understand the ini file, and how it works for the 16,14,8 pt text, and which atribute controls what font you want for Normal, Bright, Blinking, and blinking Bright. Is there a control code that I don't see to change one word in one menu. Just curious how you did that. Thanks in advance

    To make that "one word in one menu" different, I:
    1. set blink=gothical in the [default:16] section of my fonts.ini
    2. Use the EXEC @-code to load loadfont.js in my text/banner*.msg file
    3. Used the Ctrl-Af code to select that font for that one word. I also use the WIDE @-code, so that one word will appear double-wide for UTF-8 terminals.

    You could copy loadfonts.js to your mods directory (and maybe rename it) and modify it to load a different section from fonts.ini (not necessarily "default", as is hard-coded in loadfonts.js) and then that "one menu" could use the EXEC @-code to load that font section and other menus could load different fonts (if that's what you're looking for).

    I *think* that if you load a font while there's text on the screen, it'll apply to the text already on the screen (iirc, but I could be wrong), so you probably can't load a different (say, "default") font section *after* your "one menu" is displayed and get the results you want. But you could experiment with that idea.
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