• Re: Tickit/Binkit Polling issue

    From Ragnarok@VERT/DOCKSUD to Ray Quinn on Friday, February 18, 2022 20:01:20
    El 18/2/22 a las 16:19, Ray Quinn escribió:
    I have recently migrated from the stand-alone Binkd to Binkit. So far it has been running along as it should. Today I noticed binkit was trying to poll one
    of my points, which in SBBSECHO is configured as STATUS - Hold and POLL - No. The Host is blank.

    Binkit is trying to poll the point. There are mail files waiting on hold 00000017.hlo. However, there is 00000017.flo with two tic files and two corresponding files to be passed along to the point.
    Boss=618:300/18 Point=618:300/18.23.

    Feb 18 10:53:37 bbs Synchronet: evnt BINKOUT JSBinkP/4 callout to 618:300/18.23@micronet started
    Feb 18 10:53:37 bbs Synchronet: evnt BINKOUT Timed event: BINKOUT returned 0 Feb 18 10:54:30 bbs Synchronet: evnt BINKIT Running timed event: BINKIT
    Feb 18 10:54:31 bbs Synchronet: evnt BINKIT BinkIT/2.41 invoked with options: Feb 18 10:54:31 bbs Synchronet: evnt BINKIT Attempting callout for 618:300/18.23@micronet, file: /bbs/mail/out/fido.26a/012c0012.pnt/00000017.flo

    I haven't noticed this with any other boss/point combinations. There is no option in TICKITCFG to place files on hold, so I can only guess that information is gathered from SBBSECHO as to what status these files should be placed.

    I will keep an eye on this and see if it occurs again. The boss/point combinations in question are mine.


    Yeah, I have downlinks points.. and binkit.js always try to connect
    them. I think he shouldn't do it, but it's not a problem.

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