• Bullshit v3 Addition

    From DesotoFireflite@VERT/VALHALLA to echicken on Saturday, February 19, 2022 10:49:29
    Re: Bullshit v3 Addition
    By: echicken to DesotoFireflite on Sat Feb 19 2022 06:57 am

    I have a feature request for Bullshit v3. Is there any way you could

    titleForefround =
    titleBackground =

    Done. I've added 'titleBackground' as an optional setting in the [colors] section of bullshit.ini. The 'title' setting in that section already controls the foreground color of the title, so I left it alone.

    Awesome, Works Great, Thanks

    affect also where you have Bullshit v3 by echicken, but the color

    Though you didn't request this, I've added an optional 'title' setting to the root section of bullshit.ini (not to be confused with the 'title' setting in the [colors] section). If you want the title to be something other than 'Bulletins', this is the place to specify it.

    Hey, thanks, that's a nice feature. I already figured out how to get around that modifing the code, but this makes it so no mods are necessary.

    Thanks so much, I hope this helps others as much as me.

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