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    Re: Access Requirement On Externals
    By: DesotoFireflite to All on Sun Feb 20 2022 09:53 am

    I have noticed something strange going on the past weeks, that has changed. It seems if I have a program set for access requirements set to ANSI, the program is not showing up even if the user is set to ansi in the defaults. If I take the ANSI out of the access requirements, it shows up fine. I will use me as an example. In my Default Settings it reads:

    Terminal Mode: Auto CP437 / ANSI (color) (mouse)

    And I don't see any doors or programs that have an Access Requirement of ANSI.

    This sounds like a problem that was introduced recently (after v3.19b was release) and fixed on Feb-6:

    with the same results. If I take out the Access Requiremnet of ANSI, all is fine and I can see the program. For now I have removed ANSI from the access requirements, so my users can play them, but I'm concerned what could be causing this. What module countrols this, so I can see if I don't have the latest one, or what could I have done since the latest update to cause this.

    It's Synchronet itself (e.g. sbbs.dll for Windows).
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