• FileBase - Add to batch downloads?

    From Nightfox@VERT/DIGDIST to Digital Man on Wednesday, January 26, 2022 15:37:40
    Re: FileBase - Add to batch downloads?
    By: Digital Man to Nightfox on Wed Jan 26 2022 01:59 pm

    No, there isn't a per-base "add to batch download queue" method (yes, I could add one pretty easily). However, the batch lists are now just .ini files (for details, see https://wiki.synchro.net/history:newfilebase#batches), so adding/removing files to the queue from a JS module should be pretty trivial. I'm pretty sure you know the File class has methods for dealing with .ini files.

    It looks like the bbs.batch_add_list() function (which has been around since version 3.10) is able to add files to the user's batch download list, and it seems the file format it expects is just one filename per line. Are you recommending to no longer use bbs.batch_add_list() but to write an ini file instead?


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