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    From Digital Man@VERT to Nightfox on Friday, February 11, 2022 12:24:58
    Re: new_file_time, bbs.last_new_file_time
    By: Nightfox to Digital Man on Fri Feb 11 2022 10:01 am

    Hi DM,

    While looking at the JS docs, I'm curious, what are the differences between user.new_file_time, bbs.new_file_time, and bbs.last_new_file_time? When should those be used (and updated)?

    Upon logon to the terminal server, bbs.new_file_time and bbs.last_new_file_time are set to the current user.new_file_time value.

    A new file scan displays files uploaded (added/imported) since the current bbs.new_file_time value. The bbs.new_file_time value can be manipulated by the user, e.g. they want to review files that have been uploaded over the past month or whatever.

    When the user executes a new file scan, bbs.last_new_file_time is updated to the current time (this happens automatically when using the built-in file listing logic). The bbs.last_new_file_time isn't actually used for anything until the user logs-off and its value is then copied to the user.new_file_time to be used for the next logon (this copy/sync of the last_new_file_time -> user.new_file_time is built-in to the BBS's logout logci and nothing a script would need to do).

    This scheme insures that a user will never "miss" the display of new files on the BBS and that they would not normally see the same/repeat "new" files between successive sessions.
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