• xtrn/druglord/install-xtrn.ini xtrn/fatfish/install-xtrn.ini xtrn/knk/

    From Rob Swindell@VERT to Git commit to sbbs/master on Sunday, September 06, 2020 18:27:00
    Modified Files:
    xtrn/druglord/install-xtrn.ini xtrn/fatfish/install-xtrn.ini xtrn/knk/install-xtrn.ini xtrn/lord/install-xtrn.ini xtrn/lord2/install-xtrn.ini xtrn/startrek/install-xtrn.ini xtrn/tbd/install-xtrn.ini
    Log Message:
    Set ANSI as execution requirement for doors that require ANSI.

    Also, add the Pickels IGM to the LORD installer.

    It's *really* cool that many of the full-screen/color JS games do
    work (mostly) fine with PETSCII. Some still need a little TLC in
    this area, but its way better than assuming or requiring ANSI.

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